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Be You For You: workshops on expressive writing

"Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other 
relationship you have" ~Robert Holden

What is 'Be You For You' about?
Be You For You are workshops on expressive writing facilitated by me. 

Expressive Writing is based on a concept that has been researched and developed by Dr. James Pennebaker [Chair of Psychology, at the University of Texas, Austin]

Expressive Writing is NOT creative writing. 
As the name suggests, it follows a free-flow style of putting thoughts and emotions to paper and lends itself towards self-discovery through guided activities. However,iis writing to express without any regard to form or other writing conventions including spelling, punctuation and verb agreement. 
So as a participant, one does not need to be a writer OR even have to like writing OR be fluent in English!

Expressive Writing has helped individuals:
(a) cope better during times of stress and
(b) conquer blocks – be it at work or in personal relationships

And though expressive writing is a way of exploring one’s thoughts and emotions, it does not replace any form of psychotherapy; though it does complement it.

Why should you attend?
Today, the easiest place for us to source our distractions is at the end of our own arm! Quite literally. We awkwardly joke and let out a little laugh about ‘feeling’ disconnected in spite of ‘being’ connected.
Is it any wonder then that a majority of us are more confused, hurt and angry than we remember being a few years ago – let alone a generation earlier?

‘Be You For You’ is geared towards::

(a) Improving intra and inter personal relationships
(b) Developing better communication skills
(c) Evolving one's own leadership style
Or even more simply put - being one's own confidant!

Students are likely to experience higher levels of confidence while working professionals are likely to experience enhanced productivity at work and an overall sense of satisfaction from being able to articulate thoughts and express emotions that have for long been repressed.

A detailed overview of the workshop is available here and you could read the FAQs to clarify doubts.

To know more about my inspiration behind running and facilitating these workshops, read iLaunch | My Eureka Moment = Be You For You 

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