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It's always exciting when we can collaborate and work together. Whether you are an organization or an individual, here's how I propose we could do that!

1) #BeYouForYou i.e.writing workshops for emotional release --
'Be You For You' are workshops on expressive writing run and facilitated by me with the aim of encouraging students and working professionals to unwrap their individual stories through self-exploration. You can read more about the concept and view glimpses from previous workshops here
If you are a school or college principal, a department in-charge, an HR or CSR head at your organization, I'd be happy to hear from you. 
You can click to download the brochure and FAQs on the program. 

2) #TheWriteStory i.e.writing workshops or assignments for documentation --
As an ex-development sector professional, I also undertake projects on commission and conduct workshops for non-profits/NGOs and CSR teams on documentation and content writing i.e using story telling as a medium for demonstrating impact.
If you head an NGO or the CSR division of your company and are looking for help with compiling the work you've been doing, I would look forward to connecting with you.

3) #HaveFeetWillTravel writing and blogging projects --
Besides sharing tales and experience from the road to my own blog, I have been writing for responsible travel organizations, travel blogs and brands - in the digital medium as well as in print. These can be viewed here. I continue to undertake travel writing and blogging engagements on a freelance basis.

P.S.: I cannot afford free work.

To know more or if you have any other ideas/suggestions for us to collaborate, do drop me an email at nomadicthunker[at]gmail[dot]com

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